Amy Feger
33°07'49.58"N 86°46'21.31"W: Heart Springs Lake33°07'47.42"N 86°46'21.79"W: Placid Lake at Upper Terrace33°07'42.82"N 86°46'25.81"W: Heizer's Switchbacks33°07'42.63"N 86°46'20.72"W: The Jetty33°07'42.83"N 86°46'25.82"W: Triad Springs at Echo Cavern33°06'03.10"N 86°47'40.43"W: Climbing Waters33°07'40.09"N 86°46'13.74"W: Devil's Bridge33°07'85.73"N 86°45'27.41"W: Dark Pond33°06'49.46"N 86°47'28.49"W: Triple Lake Vista33°07'31.99"N 86°46'46.62"W: The Vents33°05'52.85"N 86°48'38.66"W: Shadow Ridge
Amy Feger: New Landscapes
The Grand Canyon of Shelby County, Alabama
February 1 - April 28, 2015

Last summer I discovered a canyon landscape near my home while riding in the car along a county road. Through a gap in a fence I caught my first glimpse of a deep and wide gap in the ground connected by a bridge, a rock wall, and a mineral-green lake in the distance on the canyon floor. I explored and collected images of the landscape on foot. In an effort to learn more about this dramatic discovery and map more points where there are accessible views like the one I found along the road, I consulted the Internet. What I discovered by exploring the 3D renderings, compiled from topographic data layered with satellite images and a first person point-of-view on the ground made available through Google Earth, surprised me. A ten mile long canyon is being carved into the landscape at the southern edge of Shelby County, Alabama, by multiple mining companies. I then became a virtual hiker capturing images of a landscape that is only accessible to the public eye through the Internet. From these virtual experiences I composed a series of paintings. Each image captures the essence of a virtual space representing a physical place and examines an anomaly or exposes a limitation of this digital representation of the canyon while simultaneously celebrating the access to the wonders of the actual landscape granted by technology.