Exhibitions > Incongruent Landscapes

July 6, 2012

The body of work entitled Incongruent Landscapes explores the conceptual and narrative potential of the map as a means of describing the conditions of and my experiences in the place that I call home. Relocating and commuting for education and employment has immersed me in a lengthy journey composed of ritual road trips. Each painting is the archeological remnant of a re-constructed memory of a journey within the landscape of my work and home and reflects my discoveries there.

The painted and reconfigured maps simultaneously deconstruct and reconstruct the map. Altering the map changes the language being used to describe the landscape that is represented. Within the vocabulary of the map, the presence of invisible boundaries is explored, change in documented, the delineated networks of roads highlight human connectivity, and landmarks of personal significance are located.

These metaphoric landscapes propose that I am a part of the local landscape, both the natural and built environment, and the landscape is part of my individual and local identity. Thus, I delicately stake my ground.