Amy Feger
Tree, Resurrection, Light
Acrylic on Panel
Tree, Resurrection, and Light is a portrait of my own home and an eighty-year-old oak tree employing Google Earth images to access a now-extinct landscape. The tree, planted at the time my house was built in 1925, had to be removed in 2015 after a lightning strike caused its untimely and rapid decline. This particular image examines my personal connectivity with the built and the natural environment which is a thread that runs through the majority of my artworks. The painting also represents the varying degrees of ambiguity and distortion of space, time, and reality that I have found in recalled memories and the virtual representations my local landscape. Throughout this body of work, I compare my personal observations in familiar landscapes to the presentation of the same landscapes in the public venue of the internet. My life and my work are situated on the cusp of “The Information Age” and “The Anthropocene.” Each of my paintings is a discourse regarding access to an imperfect and mediated reality as granted by technology and raises questions about the landscapes of humanity’s future.
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