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Systems & Landscapes of a Matriarchal Line
Systems & Landscapes of a Matriarchal Line
Oil on Plywood
8' x 4'

The form is at once based on the female reproductive organs, the uterus and ovaries, and a wooden cross. The three hearts refer to the three women of my matriarchal line. The work refers to the physical properties of the surface of the wood and the process by which it was created. Technically, the iconography is painted on an interior space of a tree and represents the psychoanalytical space of the mind, the place where our personalities and identities are formed. The piece is figurative and refers to space within the figure. The viewer peers inside this internal space. The eyeballs imply that the figure is examining the landscape and bloodlines of the matriarchal line while simultaneously the viewer is “in” the act of looking and examining the internal elements of the picture plane.