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Kepler’s Anomaly Confounded by Meniere’s Disease
Kepler’s Anomaly Confounded by Meniere’s Disease
Oil on Plywood
36" x 72"

Movement is described in the forms like wavelengths percussing in the grain. The movement rises from the lower left up the diagonal lines of the grain until, at the pinnacle of the motion, the lines sweep downward into a darkened area at the base of the piece where once again the direction of the grain shifts to an upward diagonal that tapers into narrow bands of dark lines. In the shape of the form and the pattern in the plywood I was also reminded of St. Teresa’s pose in The Ecstasy of St Teresa (1645) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. St. Teresa’s miraculous experience of God, as rendered by Bernini in the sculpture, suggests sexual euphoria. Kepler’s Anomaly Confounded by Meniere’s Disease reads as erotic and seductive to me. The painted anomalies represent the spiral-shaped inner ear and a fertilized human egg.
Our ability to be balanced is relative to the transmissions from the inner ear to the brain of the sensations of gravity and inertia acting upon a fragile arrangement of cube-shaped crystals and nerve endings suspended in a fluid chamber at the center of the spiral cochlea. The inner ear may be the thing that connects me to the earth neurologically via the laws of gravitational pull and connects each individual to the planet; ergo, the solar system; ergo, the galaxy; ergo, the universe.