Amy Feger
Panorama At Ebenezer SwampReflections at Ebenezer SwampRipple I: JennyRipple II: Sara
Ebenezer Swamp
The representational landscape paintings, Panorama at Ebenezer Swamp and Reflections at Ebenezer Swamp use repeated patterns in nature as a device to comment on the chaos of the natural world. In Panorama at Ebenezer Swamp I harness the infinite detail in the crowded space of the trees and emphasize their numbers in their reflections in the water. My intention is to attract the viewer to the paintings, which are large and have been rendered in fine detail, and to maintain the viewer’s attention with an extraordinary amount of visual information found in a single panoramic view or close inspection of a dense swamp. In my work the swamp is an allegory for life: there is an overwhelming amount of data in every glance, nothing can be fully understood at a single view, there is always more information unknown and under the surface, and understanding it can be obscured or altered by secondary sources such as reflections.
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