Amy Feger
My life and my work are situated on the cusp of “The Information Age” and “The Anthropocene.” I am compelled to create landscape paintings through the filtered lens of virtual reality to examine the environmental, aesthetic, and social impact of climate change. I live in Alabama, one of the most biodiverse regions in North America. Coal, iron, and limestone commodities are plentiful in this region at the southern-most tip of the Appalachian Mountain Range. This region also boasts full healthy aquifers and extraordinarily high levels of biodiversity. The many species and unique ecologies that cohabitate in our local landscape are also under the greatest threat of extinction because of the impact the humans have on the environment. In the virtual space of the paintings, the un-natural and un-humanized landscapes of unearthed digital glitches in coding language and algorithm reveal the truth and untruth of the coded language of mapped landscapes.